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Family & Domestic Law

Family and Domestic Law: Family plays a crucial role in our lives. Strong family bonds serve as our source for growth, strength, community, love, and meaning. Changes in our family can impact every aspect of our lives. When we need assistance in maintaining or growing those bonds, or those bonds become strained, or broken, it is essential that you receive guidance from an experienced and empathetic family law attorney to help you navigate the important decisions that you will make.

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Family and Domestic Law


One of life’s hardest challenges is going through a divorce. Going through a divorce without the help of an attorney can create unintended consequences with lasting impacts. Each party has rights as to property/asset division, debt division, custody, parent time, and child support, among other issues. Call us today for a consultation with an experienced family law attorney to help you navigate this difficult Path. Ensure that you protect your rights with regard to your children and your marital property!

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Family and Domestic Law

Custody, Child Support, Visitation

If you have children with someone to whom you are not legally married and you have paternity, custody, child support, or visitation issues, you may need a court order to determine your rights. If you are a biological father who wishes to keep his parental rights, there are certain legal requirements you must meet that may have strict deadlines. Schedule a consultation with an experienced family law attorney to learn your rights and get the court orders you need.


Family and Domestic Law


Adoption, while greatly enhancing your family and its happiness, is a complex process. It is helpful to have an experienced attorney to navigate this process. Each adoption situation is unique and has different factors that impact the process. There are certain circumstances that can impact if or how your adoption takes place. Call us today for a consultation before you start the process.

Family and Domestic Law


There are several reasons why someone may need a guardianship, and each situation has unique circumstances. There are guardianships for a minor, guardianships for an adult, and juvenile court guardianships that are usually associated with a welfare proceeding for a minor child. No matter your situation, the process can be difficult and confusing. Call us today for a consultation with an experienced guardianship attorney.

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Family and Domestic Law

Protective Orders

Sometimes it is necessary to protect ourselves or someone we love from abuse or domestic violence. Utah offers several different types of civil protective orders depending on your situation. There are Child Protective Orders, Cohabitant Abuse Protective Orders, Dating Violence Protective Orders, Sexual Violence Protective Orders, Workplace Violence Protective Orders, and Stalking Injunctions. Each type of protective order has certain criteria that determine if you qualify. Call us today for a consultation to learn which protective order is best for you..

Family and Domestic Law

Name Changes

A legal name change requires a court order so that you may change your birth certificate. This requires filing a petition with the Court in the county where you have lived for at least a year. You cannot change your legal name if you are trying to avoid a lawsuit, or are on probation or parole. To change your legal name you will have to testify under oath that you are not seeking to change your name to commit a crime, interfere with the rights of others, avoid creditors, influence the sentence, fine, or conditions of imprisonment in a criminal case, commit fraud on the public, or for any other fraudulent purpose. While the process can seem straight forward, there are some circumstances where it is not. Call us today for a consultation about your situation.

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Family and Domestic Law

Gender Changes

You can do a legal name change and legal sex/gender marker change simultaneously or separately. If you wish to change your legal sex/gender there are requirements in addition to the legal name change requirements. You will also need to show the court that you have transitioned from the sex designation of the biological sex at birth to the sex sought in the petition, outwardly expressed as the sex sought in the petition in a consistent and uniform manner for at least six months, and suffer from clinically significant distress or impairment due to the current sex designation on the birth certificate. The court will require you to show “evidence of medical history, care, or treatment related to sex transitioning,” and you will have to give evidence “that the sex sought in the petition is sincerely held and part of the individual's core identity.” This process can be a bit more complicated than a name change alone. You need an attorney who is sensitive to the issues that you face as you go through this process. Call us today for a consultation about your situation.

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