Wills & Trusts in Plain English Estate Planning Attorney
Wills and Trusts:  In Plain English Everyone has heard of wills and trusts. Most articles written on wills and trusts often presume that everyone knows the basics of these important documents. In reality, many of us do not. Many of the legal concepts are rooted in complicated, centuries-old law. Not knowing how these documents work causes some people to not do them at all. If you are not an estate planning attorney, these concepts may
What is Asset Protection hand turning a safe dial Estate Planning
When you hear “asset protection planning,” you may think of people like Jeff Bezos or Warren Buffett. Many believe that only wealthy families and people in high-risk professions need asset protection planning. In reality, everyone is at risk of being sued. A car accident, foreclosure, medical crisis, or business failure could result in a judgment, endangering your finances. Some view the idea of asset protection planning skeptically. In reality, the U.S. justice system is an
Estate Administration
My Loved One Has Died – What Do I Need to Do? An Estate Administration Checklist provides peace of mind. There are several practical and legal estate administration considerations that a person named as the personal representative or executor of an estate or successor trustee of a trust should address in the initial weeks following the death, but prior to the administration of the estate or trust.  During this stressful and emotional period, you may
FFCRA Covid-19 Business Info
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Spring Cleaning for Your Estate Plan
March 23, 2020 Spring Cleaning: Time to Clean Up Your Estate Planning Your estate plan, like your home, periodically needs a thorough polishing. Your life circumstances are constantly changing, and an estate plan that perfectly met your needs a couple of years ago may now be cluttered with outdated provisions or documents. With spring fast approaching, now is the time to dust off your estate plan to ensure that it will still achieve your goals,