Personal and Catastrophic Injury

Bangerter Frazier Group offers a high level of skill and trial experience in the areas of personal and catastrophic injury. With the assistance of carefully researched experts in a wide variety of fields, our litigation specialists are recognized for their ability to obtain excellent results for the client, while striving for practical and prompt solutions short of trial. We provide legal services in the following areas related to personal injury:

  • Auto Accidents: Our attorneys have helped hundreds of clients and entities embroiled in litigation relating to catastrophic accidents. What is negligence in an auto accident ?
  • Trucking Accidents: Because truck drivers have many special regulations they must follow, truck accident lawsuits involve unique circumstances and require experienced attorneys. We provide representation to individuals and entities named in lawsuits relating to allegations of  negligence of truck drivers.
  • Motorcycle Accidents: Our firm is experienced in all facets of litigation relating to motorcycle accidents.
  • Nursing Home Negligence: Nursing home abuse is a real and growing problem. While many facilities provide quality care, others fail to live up to the standard that is owed to their patients. Bangerter Frazier Group provides legal representation to health care providers and to those who are injured by the neglect of health care providers. Our attorneys understand the myriad of laws and regulations that govern these facilities, thus enabling us to provide effective legal in these matters.
  • Wrongful Death: From inception through trial, Bangerter Frazier Group has provided representation to many clients entangled in litigation relating to wrongful death claims.
  • Brain Injury and Catastrophic Injuries: Terrible tragedies, such as a closed head injury, brain damage, paralysis, fractured skull, or spinal cord injury, require attorneys experienced in the handling of catastrophic cases. Traumatic brain injury is a term used to describe damage to the brain suffered as a result of trauma. Brain tissue can be damaged by blunt trauma caused when the head strikes the interior of the car or pavement, or from the violent shaking of the head due to forces created in a crash. A traumatic brain injury may go unnoticed immediately after an accident or may become worse over time. The full extent of brain damage may not be revealed for months or even years after the accident. An individual may have no external symptoms, yet their life is forever changed. At Bangerter Frazier Group we pride ourselves in our ability to handle even the most complex catastrophic injury case.
  • Product Liability: Many products, such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices, are the subject of a myriad of lawsuits relating to alleged defects or non-conformance with medical or enviornmental standards. Attorneys at Bangerter Frazier Group have handled such cases, and can consult with individuals or entities concerning products liability claims.
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